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Personalized Sunflower Pretzel Cheetos Peanuts Chip Snack Party Favors

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Personalized sunflower design grab and go snack party favor bags will have your guests sharing stories about the amazing party you had while sharing one of these classic must have snacks. Choose from crunchy or flaming hot cheetos, honey roasted peanuts or pretzels, each package is personalized, completely assembled and ready to hand out to all of your family and friends. Our snack favors are factory sealed in original packaging, creating a confident thank you gift giving experience. Order extra for that last minute rsvp guest, this is one favor that will not go to waste!
*Minimum order 10
*Factory Sealed
*Finished Snack Measure: 7" x 4"
*Completely assembled
2 Ounce Planters Brand Peanuts
1 Ounce Frito Lay Cheetos
1 Ounce Snyders of Hanover Pretzels

sunflower-Snack Bags