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Personalized Rustic Floral Nugget Chocolate Bar Wrappers

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You can't deny the happiness chocolate brings, creamy and smooth, share this personalized MINI chocolate bar favor with all of your family and friends! Offering to you, wrappers only, simply peel and stick or complete chocolate favors using world famous Hershey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets, choose which option fits your budget. Scatter these cute chocolate favors on your party tables for an inexpensive, personalized decorating idea. Add them to your candy buffets and send a special message to your family and friends. Toss a few into your favor gift bags for a sweet surprise. No matter how you decide to use them, personalized miniature chocolate bar favors are an idea perfect for any occasion.
*Minimum purchase of 60
*Glossy Personalized Miniature Candy Bar Wrappers
*Each Wrapper Measures 3" by 1"