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Personalized Elephant Nacho Chip Party Favors

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Personalized grab and go snacks will have your guests sharing stories about the amazing party you had while sharing this classic must have snack. Each package is personalized with a special thank you message, choose from wrappers only or completely assembled and ready to hand out to all of your family and friends. Our snack favors are factory sealed, creating a confident thank you gift giving experience. Order extra for that last minute rsvp guest, this is one favor that will not go to waste!
*Minimum order 10

*If you order wrappers only you will receive
Personalized Wrappers and Instructions

*If you order assembled you will receive
*Doritos Brand Nacho Cheese Chips
*All Factory Sealed
*Each Finished Snack Measure: 7" x 4"
*Completely assembled